With many returning to the office after several years of working remotely, we encourage Saskatchewan businesses to reassess their insurance coverage. At Kessler Insurance, we want companies in Warman, Osler, and the Saskatoon area to feel supported during their transitions from remote working to being in-office––or both. As we move into new spaces, welcome back employees, and accommodate our shifting office landscape, your insurance is here to grow with you. 


How does office insurance support my Saskatchewan business? 


In the event of unforeseen circumstances, like a client slipping and falling or a cyber-attack that threatens your network, your insurance is there to cover you. If you have to make a claim, insurance designed for your office can make all the difference in your business’s bottom line. 


Saskatchewan-made office insurance coverage can help to cover: 


  • Property

    Coverage for your unique space! Property coverage is a core coverage but can be customized to suit your needs. It includes coverage for office furniture, servers, signs, and any renovations or improvements you make to a leased space.
  • Liability

    When you are found liable in a claim, your insurance can protect you from the costs and time associated with that claim. Rest assured that you are covered in every step along the way of creating a fantastic business, from injury claims to property damage.
  • Cyber

    In an increasingly online world, cyber coverage is a key component of keeping your business… in business. We are dedicated to helping you navigate a cyber insurance claim by protecting you from malware, employee dishonesty, and more. Want to know if your business is safe from digital harm? Our blog on cyber security gets in-depth on the topic.
  • Crime

    Theft and vandalism are serious concerns when you have tight deadlines and a budget. If you need to claim a break-in, building damage, or employee theft, we can protect you from lost money or security. This optional coverage can be customized for your specific needs.
  • Equipment Breakdown

    Additional coverage for equipment breakdowns can be added to your office policy. This coverage protects your business from costly delays caused by damage caused by mechanical failures, heating loss, HVAC system failures, and electronic system failures. 

  writing out insurance policy

Customized coverage protects every kind of prairie entrepreneur. 


When you have the flexibility to change your insurance policy to suit your growing and changing needs, you can rest insured!  At Kessler, we are always available to add additional coverage, such as flood, cyber coverage, or natural disaster, and modify your liability coverage or deductible amount to suit your needs. While your basic coverage will provide an excellent foundation for your business, tailoring your unique policy is the best way to guarantee your needs are met when you need to file a claim.


Do you work in a co-work space or flexible office? 

Your insurance coverage can protect you from the complexities of working in or owning a  flexible, modern workspace. As office spaces become more flexible to accommodate remote and freelance workers, your insurance is there to shift with your changing needs. 


Suppose you operate a co-work space and have monthly tenants who work in your office. In that case, your policy will cover potential losses, including interest, due to lost records––whether the loss is due to damage, loss, or destruction. 


Optional commercial cyber coverage protects your business. 


With an increasing number of businesses experiencing cyber attacks, this optional coverage can keep you secure. More than 54% of businesses experience some type of cybercrime every year––this is why Kessler insurance offers commercial cyber coverage. The fallout of a cyber-attack can include costly legal ramifications, loss of data, and interruptions to your deliverables. 


Adding cyber protection to your office policy can protect you from: 


  • Assistance or coverage for the costs associated with data and business loss 
  • Assistance for the costs related to public image and managing affected clients
  • Credit flagging services for affected clients
  • Liability coverage for data breaches or damages to a third-party network 


Kessler Insurance is dedicated to serving central Saskatchewan.


We are here for all the coverage associated with keeping your business protected from the perils that can derail your work. Our brokers are knowledgeable and friendly, small-town service with a global understanding of the diverse needs of your business. Talk to us today about how to customize your office policy to match your changing needs.