We know your cabin is as important to you as your home; that’s why we build tailored insurance policies for our customers. For many of us, seasonal homeownership is a part of living in a province with gorgeous parks, lakes, and year-round activities; is your family get-away adequately protected? 

Spring is just around the corner, and we are excited to get out to the lake. If you’re looking to purchase a seasonal home or have existing insurance on your cabin but haven’t reviewed your policy in a while, this blog is for you. Soak up the prairie sunshine knowing you’re protected. Focus on lake life by talking about your seasonal home needs with your trusted Saskatchewan insurance brokers.

If you love lake life, make sure it’s properly insured! 

Whether you own or rent the property for your camper, have a secondary home in a rural spot, or have a cabin on one of Saskatchewan’s many lakes or rivers, there is insurance to protect your investments from the unexpected. 

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Seasonal home insurance also covers your dwelling and its contents, as well as any other structures on the property (such as sheds, boathouses, and garages). Your boats, ski-dos, snow mobiles, or other sporting equipment can also be covered when you build a custom insurance policy with your broker. 

5 Factors to consider when buying seasonal home insurance: 

There are some key considerations when choosing the protection that works best for you and your family. In addition, as your needs change, we recommend that you review your policy with us to guarantee you have the right coverage for your needs. If you renovate, buy new vehicles, or add an additional outbuilding to your property, you may need to revise your policy to ensure your coverage––give us a call to review your needs. 

  • Your primary home insurance policy plan

    Your policy may need to shift or change depending on your unique needs. In addition, certain aspects of your seasonal home, such as motor homes, may be directly covered under your primary home insurance, such as your boat or secondary vehicles, and others will be covered under your seasonal home add-on. 
  • How often is your cottage occupied

    It is essential that your property is accessible and occupied for a certain amount of time to ensure that damages are covered under your policy. Talking to your broker about how you use your seasonal home is a key part of building out the right policy for your needs. 
  • The age of the seasonal property

    Whether you have an older cabin or a brand-new build, the age of your seasonal home can be a definitive factor in determining the cost of your insurance and your specific policy needs. You may be eligible for discounts if you install features such as a backflow valve for a year-round home or security systems with flood or temperature sensors. 
  • Where is your property located

    How remote is your cabin, and can it be accessed in the winter for regular checks? This is a key factor in building the right policy for your needs, as some policies will require someone to check on the property frequently for claims to be eligible. 
  • Whether you use the property as a vacation rental when you’re not there

    If this is the case, you may need to add rental property insurance to your plan. This will protect your assets and ensure your seasonal home can serve your unique needs well into the future.

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How to protect your seasonal property in Saskatchewan

Being able to escape to nature and enjoy a weekend on the lake with your family is priceless, but protecting your investment can seem overwhelming. We encourage you to add additional security and safety measures so that your property is secure. In addition, adding certain features to your property can allow you to access discounts on your insurance and rest-easy all year long! 

  • Add life safety sensors

    Fire, carbon monoxide, temperature, and water sensors can all be added to your cabin to provide additional peace of mind. These sensors can alert you to any immediate concerns that might otherwise go unnoticed when your cabin is not in use. 
  • Security systems can protect your home

    Adding a security system can give you additional peace of mind when you’re stuck in the city. Seasonal homes are less frequently occupied, making them easy targets for property damage, theft, and vandalism. 
  • Always have someone who can check on your property

    If you’re unable to get out to the cabin as often as you’d like, having a neighbour who can keep watch on your property is a great way to foster community and feel secure. 
  • Keep up with your seasonal maintenance & keep a cabin checklist

    A frequent source of damage can be our own forgetfulness. Build a checklist for leaving the cabin, even for a short period of time. This can include turning off the gas, setting the alarm, and turning off the water.

    Seasonal maintenance is a key part of maintaining your property. Developing a routine with your family can ensure your property is safe all winter long. Every task is essential to caring for our seasonal properties and failure to do them affects your ability to make a claim if damage does occur.

Our experienced insurance brokers in Warman & Osler are here to protect your investments so you can focus on having fun!

We love lake living as much as our clients––that’s why we’re committed to your insurance needs. If you’re ready to review your existing policy or are looking to purchase your first cottage, reach out to us today. We pride ourselves on working with you to develop a policy that suits you and your family. Talk to us today to learn more about protecting your seasonal home.