If you are using a company or personal vehicle for work, your trusted broker at Kessler in Warman or Osler can help you choose a commercial insurance policy tailored to your particular needs. Whether you are hauling cargo or driving from site to site, we have the expertise to ensure you’re covered. We will discuss commercial vehicle insurance and the factors that will determine the cost and type of insurance needed for you and your business.

What is the difference between personal and commercial vehicle insurance? 

All Saskatchewan residents will have basic coverage while operating insured vehicles. However, this basic limit may not be enough for you and/or your employees, especially if you spend a lot of time on the road, which puts you at a higher risk of an accident. Commercial insurance can provide coverage for any damages incurred in the vehicle while working, heading to or from work or worksites, and carrying cargo.


How much does commercial vehicle insurance cost? 

The cost of any insurance policy will depend on several factors. For vehicle insurance, your driving abstract (driving record), the type of business you are in, the vehicle type, and the operations you are using the vehicle for (such as hauling cargo or driving around a job site) contribute to the cost of purchasing additional protection.

Your broker will help you choose between these add-on services:

1. Additional commercial liability insurance

If you drive a lot, you’re at a higher risk of being sued in the case of an accident. You can take out an additional Commercial Umbrella Liability policy to round out your coverage.

2. Loss of use coverage

If your commercial vehicle is stolen or damaged, and that damage is covered under your policy, the insurance provider will pay for a rental vehicle up to the amount of coverage you’ve chosen. Your rental will also be insured as a temporary substitute vehicle.

3. Replacement or repair cost coverage

If you purchase or lease a brand new or demo vehicle from a dealership, you can protect it from depreciation costs.

4. Non-owned automobile coverage

If you’re in an accident while driving a vehicle you have rented for your business; this add-on coverage will take care of the cost of the damage.

5. Road hazard glass coverage

In the prairies, we all know the perils of flying rocks. Protect your windshield or windows from damage caused by a stone or another object thrown up from the road or falling from another vehicle.

6. Cargo Secure

Additional coverage is needed whether you’re hauling your own goods or someone else’s. You can learn more about Cargo Secure and its features here and by talking to your broker. If you’re in the trucking industry, Cargo secure has you covered. 

We are here for our community!

When you meet with one of our brokers or fill out a quote request online, our brokers will go over your needs and tailor the right package for you and your business. Whether you’re a travelling art teacher or operate a construction company, we will show you policy add-ons that are the right fit for your needs. We can also help you navigate all of our available commercial insurance resources.  Contact us today, and let’s get your business on the road.