One of the many changes that has happened this year is an increase in the amount of people working from home. At Kessler Insurance, our job is to make sure you’re covered. In Saskatchewan, many home insurance policies have exclusions which do not accommodate home offices or businesses. Whether you freelance, have a jam space, or are working from home, we can upgrade your home or tenant insurance to accommodate your needs.


Does my home insurance policy cover work property?

If you are working from home using devices or other company property, begin by checking in with your employer about the parameters of their liability coverage. Since many employees have made the shift to working from home since March, this is a great opportunity to find out what your employer covers and what you may need to add to your own home insurance policy. 

If you will be working from home for the next several months, for the foreseeable future, or if you already work from home and don’t have an insurance package to suit, we recommend that you reach out to a broker. Talk to us about adding home office liability coverage to your home insurance policy, which may also need to include a form of commercial property insurance, depending on your needs.


Do I need home or tenant insurance if I am a freelancer?

The answer is, DEFINITELY! If you work from home regularly, whether you own or rent your home, you should add home office coverage to your insurance plan. The team of brokers at Kessler Insurance can help you add extra coverage options to your existing tenant insurance or home insurance policies. A home office includes any space where you could generate income, which includes studios, dark rooms, and jam spaces. If you’re a freelancer, a musician, or even a painter, get in touch with a broker to see what kind of insurance will be right for you! 


3 things to consider when adding a home office to your home insurance

  1. Determine the square footage of your office or relative space around your work station.

  2. Determine the estimated value of all of the tools and supplies you use for your work including laptops, hard drives, and camera equipment.

  3. Speak with an insurance advisor to determine the amount of liability coverage that will be right for your needs. Are you a painter or an accountant? This will change the amount of coverage you may need to have. Be advised, your broker may need to know the amount of income you make with your business operations.


Make sure you’re covered with your local, trusted experts

We have been proudly serving Warman and area for over 40 years. Give us a call today and talk to one of our insurance experts. We are excited to help you get the coverage you need, no matter how Covid19 has changed your life. Plus, check out our online services from the comfort of your home!