Congratulations to our Saskatchewan farmers—you made it through another harvest! That means another winter is approaching, and it’s time to think about preparing your farm for the cold months ahead. As a farmer, you probably understand better than anyone that minimizing risk is essential to keeping your operation profitable. A little extra maintenance goes a long way to keeping your farm running without trouble for many seasons to come.

9 ways to prepare your farm for the winter to avoid having unnecessary losses:

  1. Put away tools, equipment and machinery for storage. Repair or replace anything that isn’t working well so that everything is ready to use come spring.
  2. Ensure all outbuildings are sealed and protected from the elements. Check all windows and doors for any drafts that could lead to bigger problems.
  3. Clean out greenhouses and barns, making sure that all passageways and doors are clear.
  4. Take inventory of everything that you depend on for your agricultural operations, and make a detailed list to reference in case you ever need to make a claim. This includes: farm dwellings and belongings, grain bins, shops, quonsets, sheds, barns, machinery, equipment, tools, parts, livestock, feed, fertilizers, chemicals, and irrigation equipment.
  5. Inspect and repair any animal enclosures and feeders, and make sure your feed supply is well stocked.
  6. Get the bulk of your livestock care done. Limiting shots, shearing, hoof-trimming, and other routine care procedures during the winter can save your animals from stress that detracts from the energy they need to keep warm and healthy.
  7. Get your cold weather gear ready, because the work must go on! Be prepared to deal with winter leaks, or other mishaps, that could surprise you in the middle of a blizzard. Patch up your long johns, invest in a good pair of insulated work gloves and warm boots of course!
  8. Prepare the soil for spring planting. This is much easier in the fall when the soil is still warm and easier to work.
  9. Review your insurance policy: know when it expires, whether it renews automatically, or if it requires you to manually renew.

Your agriculture business has specific insurance needs.

Farm insurance covers things that home or small business insurance doesn’t, such as outbuildings, equipment, and crop damage. Of course, every farming operation is different, and will have different insurance needs. Kessler Insurance provides coverage options for all types of farmers, ranchers, and acreage owners. We can tell you about your options and help you design a customized policy.

Of course, nothing stays the same forever, and your insurance should always reflect your current needs. If you answer yes to any of the following questions, it may be time to update your farm insurance policy:

  • Have there been any adjustments to your property in the past year?
  • Have there been any changes to your operations in the past year? 
  • Are you renting any part of your land? 
  • Have you inherited a farm or are you taking over the family farm?
  • Are you expanding or preparing to sell your farm? 

We are there when you need us.

As you prepare your farm for winter, Kessler Insurance is here to help you with the insurance side of things. Tell us about your farm, and we can help you shop for a new policy, or review your existing policy and let you know if there are any options that may be better suited to your needs and budget. Whether you live on the farm or in town, if you engage in any type of farm activity, talk to us about farm insurance. Get in touch with us for a free, no-obligation farm insurance quote!