Getting life insurance is one of the most important decisions you can make for the financial wellbeing of your family or business. Whether you’re young and free, building a family, or planning for retirement, personal and life insurance protects your assets and helps you achieve your goals. Your insurance needs will change as you move through the various stages of life. Partnering with Keystone Insurance for all life insurance products, the team of experienced brokers at Kessler Insurance are here to help you find the right insurance for where you are in life and where you’d like to go next. 

Some of the various life insurance solutions we provide include:

  • Mortgage Insurance
  • Term and Whole Life Insurance
  • Living Benefits for Critical Illness, Disability or Long Term Care
  • Key Person Insurance
  • Super Visa and Travel Insurance
  • Group Benefits or Private Health Plans
  • Guaranteed or Simplified Issue “No Medical” Insurance 

Life Insurance for young adults starting out (20-30) 

the younger and healthier a person is, the more accessible Life insurance becomes. While you may not be thinking about life insurance at the stage, it’s an incredibly good time to start. You’re young, free, and laying the foundations for your life’s legacy. People in this life stage are likely studying, just starting a career, traveling the world, or saving for a down payment on a home. Death may be unlikely at this stage, but it is imperative to consider the economic consequences for loved ones left behind. Prepare for the unexpected and protect the ones you love in the best way you can—consider life insurance coverage for student loans, credit card debt, rent, and mortgage payments. 

Life Insurance for building a family (30-50)

With a growing family and a host of financial commitments, the need for life insurance increases exponentially. Married with dependents and a home, you probably already have plenty of worries—don’t let the future of your family be one of them. Keep all the members of your family well and healthy with living benefits and travel coverage options, and make sure they have the protection they need in the event of your critical illness or death with a whole life insurance plan customized to your circumstances.

Life Insurance and Retirement (50-60) 

You may be in the peak earning years of your life during this stage, and busy paying off your home or preparing for retirement travel. As you age, make sure that everything is in place to protect your spouse or other dependents such as children, parents, or in-laws from financial tragedy in the event of your death. Consider coverage for your mortgage or any other unpaid debts or investments, for long-term care costs, for final expenses related to your death, and for creating an estate or leaving a legacy. For those growing old with health challenges, ask us about guaranteed issue products.  

Business owners

If you’re a business owner, there are life insurance coverage options to supplement your commercial insurance plan, which can help you secure the total protection of your life’s work and support health and wellness for you and your employees. Ask us about Key Person Insurance and Group Benefits! 

Protect what matters most

Life insurance protects your family’s security, your business and your investments. Depending on your life stage, we can help you find the level of protection you’re comfortable with, whether you are planning for the end of your life or just getting started. Contact Kessler Insurance in Warman today to book a no-obligation appointment where you can ask all your questions about life insurance!