Auto Insurance in Saskatchewan

In Canada, auto insurance is required by law and you wouldn’t want to be caught driving anywhere in the country without it. Whether auto insurance is private or public varies by province, but in Saskatchewan the provincial government runs a mandatory public auto insurance system. This saves Saskatchewan drivers the headache of shopping for an insurance provider amidst many companies competing with one another. Continue reading to find out how auto insurance in Saskatchewan works. 

SGI and The Saskatchewan Auto Fund 

In addition to driver’s licensing and vehicle registration, the Government of Saskatchewan operates a mandatory public auto insurance program through Saskatchewan Government Insurance (SGI). If you own a motor vehicle in Saskatchewan, in order to drive it legally, you must buy auto insurance (insurance on your license plate) through SGI. In Saskatchewan, you will pay a monthly or annual fee to register your vehicle and insure your license plates with basic mandatory coverage.

Basic SGI Auto Insurance Coverage

Every registered vehicle owner in Saskatchewan is automatically covered with the basic plate protection, third-party liability coverage, and No Fault personal injury benefits.

  • Physical damage coverage. Subject to your deductible, coverage is provided for damage to an insured vehicle due to collision, theft, fire, hail, or wind. Most vehicles with basic plate insurance have a deductible of $700—that means that in the event of damage, you’ll have to pay the first $700 before your auto insurance will cover the rest. You also have the option to decrease your deductible by increasing your monthly registration fee. 
  • Third-party liability coverage. Provides the insured vehicle owner with coverage for damages caused by the insured vehicle. If your vehicle causes injury to others or causes damage to the property of others, SGI will provide up to $200,000 in liability coverage.
  • Personal injury benefits. All registered drivers in Saskatchewan are automatically covered with No Fault injury coverage. This means that if you are injured in a collision, you will be covered by your own insurance regardless of who is at fault—this type of coverage is comprehensive, but it limits your right to sue. 
    • The Tort option. All registered drivers in Saskatchewan have the choice to change their personal injury plan to Tort coverage, which is not as comprehensive as No Fault Injury coverage but allows you to sue for additional expenses for pain and suffering, thus remaining eligible for some legal compensation in combination with some insurance coverage. 

Extended Auto Coverage: package policy options

In some cases, especially if you’re at fault, basic mandatory plate insurance may not be enough to cover your personal injury, liability and damage to your vehicle. To expand your coverage, you can customize an extended auto policy with any of the following coverage options: 

  • Choose the deductible option that works for you. You can lower or increase your deductible, and consequently pay a little more or a little less for your monthly insurance.
  • Additional personal injury benefits.
  • Increased personal liability limits. The basic is $1,000,000, but you can pay more to increase this to $2,000,000 or more. 
  • Loss of use coverage. $1000 or $2000 to cover alternative travel costs if your vehicle suffers damage or loss.
  • Special coverage for your recreational vehicles such as antiques or collectibles, motorcycles, quads, snowmobiles, or trailers. 
  • Replacement or repair cost coverage. 
  • Road hazard glass coverage.

Kessler Insurance for all of your auto insurance needs

First time buying auto insurance? Let us help you get started! Please contact us if you have questions about your vehicle insurance or want to discuss your package policy options. The most convenient way to access SGI services is through MySGI on our website, where you can renew your vehicle registration and insurance, read a copy of your insurance policy, make payments, and submit claims.